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The 11D Community

The Life in 11Dimensions project is the vision of Pamela Trokanski. She has run the Dance Workshop in Davis, CA, since 1984. In addition to teaching at both the studio and at Davis Senior High School, she is also the Artistic Director of the Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre and The Third Stage Dance Company.

As a teacher, business owner, and artistic director, she is invested in both building towards the future and giving back to the Davis community. While many of the businesses and organizations that are involved with this project are people she has come to know over the last three decades, some are new connections, all sharing a common vision of the possibilities inherent in this project.


The individuals, businesses and Organizations that are currently involved  in the lIfe in 11Dimensions project include:














Life in 11Dimensions...
all the elements of vibrant living in one place

Our Mission

We believe in the ripple effect and the power of individual actions to change the world.


Our mission is to help each individual live their most creative, healthy and successful life, contributing to a creative, healthy and successful community which, in turn, contributes to a creative, healthy, and successful world.

Our Mission

Our Vision

In string theory, one of the original ideas was that there are actually 11 dimensions, and that human beings are only aware of four of them.  Life in 11D is about thinking "outside the box" and optimizing the human experience, from birth to death, through programs, experiences, and services that support the development of excellence in multiple areas, regardless of whether you are a  child, a teen, or an adult of any age."In addition, Life in 11Dimensions is designed around a creativity model that will support collaboration between themultiple businesses and organizations involved, allowing them to not only thrive as separate entities but developservices and products that have not yet been imagined. And...


It also stands for:

A multi-Dimensional experience that encourages Dovetailed Development, Designed Delight, Dedicated Discipline,Dynamic Discovery and Davis as a Destination.

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